Our Story

Here at Live And Exist Clothing Co, we believe in individuality. We believe in being yourself and standing for what it is you believe in. We also stand on supporting each other. Hard work and dedication to your purpose is what we intend to instill in each and every person who comes across our brand. We started this business at the dining room table of Scanlouz DeLeon’s mom’s house with just a couple dollars and a vision of where we wanted to go. We got tired of being taken advantage of by people who knew we didn’t know what we were doing and how much it cost. And it cost us. A lot. But we learned from it. And still are. We understand the value of togetherness and holding each other accountable for our words and our actions. We do it and grow everyday. It takes a village. So, whether you are on the high end of life or at your lowest and need a little extra motivation, we’ll be here to inspire and assist you to want and thrive for more. So keep going. Don’t ever give up on you. Because we won’t. The work you’re doing is not going unnoticed or under appreciated. The truth is, and will always be, in the work. And do not—forget—to Live And Exist.